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The Role of Genes in Spontaneous Evolution

on April 5, 2014

In a recent post, I wrote about my meeting with Bruce Lipton, Ph.DIn this post, I continue to share information from his book (with Steve BhaermanSpontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future (And a Way to Get There from Here) and my thoughts about how it relates to today’s Uniquely Magnificent children.

Where’s the Brain?

Genes are in the nucleus of the cell.  Since genes are presumed to control life, many people believe that the nucleus is the brain of the cell.  But when the nucleus is removed from a cell, the cell continues to function normally until it needs to replace protein parts.  Organisms die when the brain is removed.  So . . .

Genes are simply blueprints used to make protein parts.

Like the blueprints for a house, they cannot be turned off or on. Genes are just information until someone (or something) uses them to create a (protein) structure.

Where’s the brain? 

New-Edge Biology teaches us that the cell membrane is the brain of the cell.

The Cell is Not a Bag of Solution

The picture of a cell that we studied in school (top image) is outdated. As biologists study cells, they are discovering more and more structures. They have also determined that cells are not isolated by their membranes.

Protein switches are built into the membrane and cells are connected to their surroundings (bottom image).

Signals from the environment of the cell activate these switches. Thus, the switches transmit information from the outside to the inside of the cell. This information is used to initiate activities that enable the cell to sustain its life.

Signals from the ever-changing environment direct cell function. Perceptions of the environment control (cell) behavior.

Bruce and Steve write:

“…the fact that perceptions control behavior at both the cellular and the human level – is the real secret to life!”

At least one third of all medical healing are attributed to the placebo effect.

When an inert substance is ingested, people sometimes experience unpleasant reactions or “side-effects” – even though they are ingesting a sugar pill.  This is called the nocebo effect.


If cell function is the result of the interaction between proteins and their complimentary signals,there can be only two real causes of dis-ease:

  1. Defective proteins
  2. Distorted signal

According to Spontaneous Evolution, 95% of the human population arrives on this planet with a perfectly functional set of gene blueprints.Thus, most dis-ease manifestations can be attributed to a disrupted signal.

How Signals Get Disrupted and How to Correct the Disruptions

1.     Trauma

Physical injuries disrupt the flow of energy in the body by causing physical and energetic kinks and blocks in information pathways. A misaligned spin, broken bones, and torn muscles may result in the distortion of information being exchanged between the brain, cells, tissues, and organs.

·         Correct trauma on the spot by using homeopathic first aid remedies.

See Super-Easy Homeopathic First Aid for a list of the seven remedies I always carry and how to use them.

·         Are you or your child experiencing the effects of older traumas?

If you have never been well since that car accident/that fall/that time you got really sick, homeopathy or matrix reimprinting may help.

2.     Toxicity

Toxic chemicals from vaccines, cleaners, pesticides, carpets, and food additives can remain in our bodies. They distort the signal’s information on its path between the nervous system and the targeted cells and tissues.

·         Homotoxicological remedies stimulate the detoxification and healing processes.

If you believe that toxicity is a disruptive factor for your child, you can read more about homotoxicology and homeotherapeutics here.

3.     Thought

Thoughts create reality. If the mind misinterprets signals and generates an inappropriate response, necessary functions may be severely disrupted. (Consider a person with anorexia who sees herself as fat, when she is in fact starving.)

·         Change your beliefs with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting can transform the limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs most of us have acquired from our life experiences.

This series continues:


Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future (And a Way to Get There from Here),” Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. and Steve Bhaerman (17-26)

Energy Medicine:  The Scientific Basis,” James L. Oschman (43-50)


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