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Matrix Reimprinting

In April 2010, I attended training in Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson who developed this technique. I feel privileged to be among the first group of practitioners in the United States trained in this method.

Click here to watch a 5-minute video introduction to Matrix Reimprinting.

Matrix Reimprinting often resolves long-standing emotional and physical issues by changing how you see old events, and changing how old ideas and experiences shape your words and actions.

Matrix Reimprinting may be used to create a life you love.

During a Matrix Reimprinting session, you will tap on points that have been used in acupuncture for thousands of years.  Most of the points used are at the ends of meridians.

Meridians are channels for energy flow, like  blood vessels and arteries are channels for blood flow.  Emotional, chemical and physical trauma can disrupt the flow of energy in the meridians.  When the energy is obstructed, disease may result.  We can correct the flow of energy by stimulating the meridian points.  In EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, we do this by tapping on them.

EFT clears the memory. Matrix Reimprinting changes it.

When an issue is resolved with EFT, you are able to recall traumatic and stressful life memories without any emotional disruption or stress.  This is a useful healing strategy since most disease results from stress.

When an issue is resolved using Matrix Reimprinting, the memories associated with it are transformed. As memories are transformed, our core issues heal.

During the Matrix session, the practitioner will guide you as you go into a past memory.  There, you may say and do what you wished you had said and done.  You will be shown how to bring in support people or tools.  You will recreate the recorded picture of your memory.  This will transform your reflexive reactions in situations that were triggering an unwanted response.

But these things did happen! No one can change that.

In Matrix work, we never deny that an event occurred. We do not use distraction techniques. In fact, we recognize that the best way to transform a situation is to be fully present in it. You will not relive the situation. This is a very gentle technique – easier to demonstrate than to explain.

SamSamantha’s Testimonial

Natalia is just an amazing person. Her gentle guidance, acceptance, and compassion made talking to her, even about deeply personal issues, very easy. I was blessed to have her help with Matrix Reimprinting at a very difficult time in my life when I was dealing with issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse. Her loving strength and assurance helped me as much as her EFT, and after the session not only did I feel my perception and feelings shifting, but I also just felt so good to be understood and accepted myself for what I was dealing with. She truly has a gift and a wonderful, wise, and accepting point of view that immediately puts you at ease and gives you true hope. Thank you Natalia, for your incredible and loving help!

What are some things that Matrix Reimprinting is used for?

Matrix Reimprinting recommended primarily for mothers, parents, and adults.  Physically, mentally and emotionally healthy parents and caregivers create a healthy life for autistic, ADHD, and otherwise neurodivergent children.

Matrix Reimprinting has been demonstrated ultra-effective in transforming:

  • Negative core-beliefs (i.e., I always lose my patience.  I don’t deserve to have an easy day.)
  • Destructive Parenting Triggers (The things that make you react in ways you later regret.)
  • Addictions
  • Phobias
  • Allergies
  • Birth trauma
  • Relationships issues

JessicaJessica’s Testimonial

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this website! It is so informative, user friendly, inviting and welcoming. Natalia, you have a wealth of kowleldge and are so articulate, that I feel as if you are speaking to me. This website is educational for EVERYONE, with or without autsistic children. The way you incorportate homoepathy and cell sats, has made using homoepathy so empowering. We have major dental issues in our home, and your section on dental is extremely helpful.

I have experiencd both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Natalia.

With EFT, I gained the ablility to accept being in the present moment and to accept things as they are. I use to look at the whole scenerio and be overwhelmed with anxiety. With EFT, I was healed to realize, “that everything is as it should be.” This is such an empowering statment / belief for me.

Driven with frear from my 2nd c-section, the mere thought of my 3rd c-section was overwhelming. Natalia worked with me in a group setting and one-on one. I was, calm and centered going into my 3rd c-section. I had the ability to break each moment down and to accept it as it was and embrase the next step in my heaing process. For the first time in my life, I was in the NOW.

Fifteen months later, facing my 4th c-section, I was exhauseted with emotion. I felt unsupported, unsure and insecure. Natalia worked with me over the phone. This time we did Matrix Reimpriniting.The issue at hand was my own birth. The experience and abiliity to be able to Reimprint my own birth was so healing. To be able to accept myself as I am, is an amazing, wonderful feeling and to be able to give myself that much needed love and acceptance that evey baby needs from their parents was healing on many levels.

I am thankful for you Natalia and for your many gifts that you have to offer. You have enriched and empowered my life. Your voice is so gentle and calming, that when I find myself in an uncomfortable state of mind, I focus on your voice to calm and center myself. I look forward to reading and learning more from you. – Jessica Susko

To learn more about Matrix Reimprinting, please read

Matrix Reimprinting Using Eft by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby

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