Swan Mothers

Discovering Ourselves through Parenting

About Natalia

I am an evolving hueman, transformed mother, novice (indoor, so far) rock climber, ardent reader, and a writer of books.

It’s been quite the journey to get here. I lived my first twenty-nine years in beautiful and secure ordinariness, enjoying a pleasant childhood (circle of friends, family camping trips, community), school and job success (BA Chemistry, MS Hazardous Waste Management, cancer research, environmental site cleanup, hazardous waste disposal), easy friendships, and a happy marriage (going strong).

Motherhood landed me in a new land. I started parenthood with expectations that all would proceed as most of my life had until then, according to my plan. I read, researched, created spreadsheets, and scheduled every minute to create perfect children. Then, my children arrived.  From day three, nothing went according to plan.

I did all that (I thought) I was supposed to do. I did everything (in my mind) right. And my parenting was not working. I yelled, I cried, I yelled more. I felt like a failure. I was a failure.

Turns out I did not have average kids. Each of my children arrived with a clear mission and unique way of being. None developed in accordance with timelines or charts. Life as I knew and envisioned it, ended.

Today, I know there is no such thing as normal. Back then, not-normal surprised me, made me sad, angry, and confused.

Slowly, over the course of fourteen years, I figured out a few things.

  • The correct homeopathic remedy can stop a tantrum in its tracks.
  • There are better ways to feed a resistant eater than pushing food into his mouth and holding it closed while praying that he’ll swallow and proceed eat willingly.
  • Meridian Tapping can make me feel better fast, and I can do it anywhere.
  • Cell Salts really are Nature’s Magic Healers.
  • Working on myself shifts the energy in my family.  It’s true: “When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.”  Or, at least, when Mama’s happy, she can cope with whatever’s going on. And that’s something.

Hear My Story

My interview with Anabelle Fisher on EFT Radio: Be the Best Mother You Can Be with Matrix Reimprinting and EFT


2 responses to “About Natalia

  1. Lavandar says:

    I saw your request to be on our radio show.
    Can you be our guest for November 26, Tuesday
    at 7:00pmest? Please send me an email
    to let me know about this date and time.

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