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EFT and Meridian Tapping Techniques

Stress and Guilt Relief

What is EFT?

The Simplest Description

EFT is a method that combines talking about a problem and tapping on meridian points to bring about different, more comfortable feelings about it.

A Bit More Information

An emotional, needle-free version of acupuncture, EFT requires the user to tap on certain meridian points with the fingertips. Since emotional stress can contribute to discomfort, EFT often provides astonishing relief.

Super-Easy Tapping Guide

Think about the feeling that is troubling you and rate its intensity on a scale of 1 to 10.

Hand Meridian Tapping Points

Hand Meridian Tapping Points

Begin tapping on the KC point (see hand drawing) saying a set-up phrase.  For example: “Even though I feel so stressed out, I’m still a good person.” Say this three times.

Next, move to tapping on each point listed and shown in the drawing (below right) while saying a reminder phrase, such as, “So stressed out.”

When you have finished tapping each point while saying the reminder phrase, return to tapping on the KC and ask yourself how intense the feeling is now on a scale of 1 to 10. Continue tapping in this manner until you feel better.

While you tap, pay attention to thoughts and feelings that arise and change your tapping phrase to include them. That’s it.

Tapping Point Graphic by Karl Dawson

  • KC = Karate Chop Point
  • TH = top of head or crown
  • IE = beginning of eyebrow
  • OE = side of eye
  • UE = under eye
  • UN = under nose
  • CH = chin or indentation below the lower lip
  • K27 = just below the collarbone in line with the ears
  • UA = under arm in line with the breast
  • TF = thumb
  • IF = index finger
  • MF = middle finger
  • RF = ring finger
  • LF = little finger

This Super-Easy Tapping Guide will get you started. Using these techniques, you should be able to tap your way to feeling better in stressful situations or to eliminate minor aches and pains.

The easy steps are great for showing children how to manage their own emotions.

I also encourage you to read my article about how one session with an EFT professional changed my life. Experiencing Matrix Reimprinting brings about even more profound changes.

The Difference Between Mundane and Miraculous EFT: One Session with a Pro can Change Your Life

Jody ShineJody’s Testimonial

Such a fan of EFT. Just tapped with a friend of mine. Feeling much lighter. Yes, it’s a bunch of hooey, but it works.


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