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Goodbye Tantrums, Goodbye Asthma: Two Cases of Nat Mur

on June 16, 2014

Because there was significant interest in my recent post, Nat Mur:  A Remedy for (Almost) Everybody, I am sharing the healing stories of two clients for whom I prescribed Nat Mur. I hope that in reading these case studies, you will perceive how homeopathy facilitates healing transformation.

Important:  When prescribing remedies, homeopaths look for remedy that matches the individual’s picture at that time. Most homeopathic remedies have hundreds of applications. When prescribed constitutionally, remedies build health and strengthen the vital force. The individual’s vital force initiates and accelerates healing.

A remedy prescribed for migraines in one person and might well be prescribed for constipation in another and eczema in yet someone else.

Kinder, Gentler Tantrums

Lena’s mother came to see me because her five year old daughter exhibited tremendous anger over small things. She was impulsive to the point of being a danger to herself.  She was having a major tantrum or two every day, yelling, kicking, and hitting those around her. She ignored her caregivers, acting as if she did not hear them.

Lena was having trouble falling asleep and woke screaming in the middle of the night two or three times per week – sometimes more than once per night. As you may imagine, this was exhausting and emotionally draining for her mother.

She was also prone to croup, having had it at least five times in the past three winters. She craved candy, milk, and, interestingly for a small child, coffee.

After speaking to Lena’s mother, I compared the totality of her individual symptoms to the known remedies in the materia medica to find a remedy which best covered all of Lena’s expressed symptoms. I selected Nat Mur. (Please note that this is a short, illustrative article. I have not included all symptoms and characteristics discussed.)

I directed the mother to give her daughter one dose of the remedy at bedtime. Lena was also taking cell salts that I had already prescribed during an earlier consultation.

When I followed up a month after the initial consultation, Lena’s mother reported:

“She’s sleeping through the night and the tantrums no longer include aggressively hitting her little sister. She still whines and pushes, but it’s definitely not as combative as it was before. The tantrums seem to be shorter and less intense. They occur when she is hungry or tired.

All in all, it’s been a good few weeks. She’s definitely sleeping better — goes down when I put her to bed and sleeps through the night.”

The mother then said, “One of the major issues she has that I completely forgot to tell you about is eczema. Will the remedy help with that?”

Yes, I replied.  Nat mur is a great remedy for eczema in children.

Bye-Bye Asthma

Matthew’s mother was concerned because her son was allergic many common allergens and had asthma. She disliked giving him asthma medications, but the episodes could be frightening for both of them. She wanted to see if homeopathy might help.

After taking his case, I selected Nat Mur. As in Lena’s case, we gave him one dose of the remedy. A year later, I received this note from Matthew’s mother:

“Have a good update for you. Matthew has had no need for asthma medicine! He had no asthma attacks from last summer until this week when he had a mild one. Was wondering if I should give him another dose of the remedy you chose for him then. 11 months of relief is nothing to sneeze at (ok,its a pun…)”

We did give Matthew another dose of Nat Mur. He is doing well, again.

Treat the patient, not the disease.

This is the most important doctrine of homeopathy. No two human beings are exactly alike and so the medicines used for their treatment need not be alike – even if they have the same disease. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on the totality of symptoms of that individual.  The name of the disease is not particularly important to the homeopath.

If you are interested in individualized treatment just for you or your child, you can find a homeopath at the National Center for Homeopathy website.

One response to “Goodbye Tantrums, Goodbye Asthma: Two Cases of Nat Mur

  1. perviz says:

    Thank you . I really loved your blog. I am a retired Homeopath and also a Bach Flower Practitioner. I have always been careful about prescribing too many remedies and not giving a
    a constitutional with tissue salts or other remedies. Now I feel much better that there is no harm in doing this if necessary.

    In fact I was wondering about giving Oscillococcinum with tissue salts and or homeopathic remedies in lower potencies in between as necessary.
    I am going to do that now for family and friends as this flu season has been very bad

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