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Another Look in the Mirror

on January 6, 2015

Mirrors were once considered magical. They can be used to deceive, or reveal. Some believe mirrors are portals, divination tools, or repellers of evil.

Mirror Gazer by RachelHWhite via DeviantArt

A few years ago, I was receiving a shamanic healing with Julie Tallard Johnson. I lay on an ordinary massage table with my eyes closed. Julie, wearing jeans, a casual shirt, and no pretenses, moved her hands over my body. Few words were spoken, though Julie occasionally struck a large, resonant drum.

After some time, I sat up on the table and Julie held a mirror in front of me. I was unable to look into it. I covered my face with my hands, and cried racking sobs.

I wish I could bring this story to a tidy conclusion, explain what happened, how and why, but I cannot transmit the intensity with words. It was, simply, complexly, beautifully an experience.

But, since Liz of The Writing Reader suggested a Mirror Writing Prompt today, perhaps it is time to look again. I don’t have Julie’s mirror of course, but there is a mirror in my kitchen, not far from the table where I’m writing. [I go and look — and take a picture, so you can see me too.]

IMG_7802I don’t say anything to myself. I’m not into those “say nice things to yourself in the mirror exercises,” even though I’ve heard good things about them. No thoughts come to mind. Yet, I am calmly, deeply, profoundly pleased with my reflection. It’s good to see me.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you think? How do you feel? Please, tell me in the comment box below.


4 responses to “Another Look in the Mirror

  1. Liz says:

    Lovely post! I’m so glad my prompt inspired you to take another look.

  2. Joyce says:

    Mirrors can be a problem for me. Sometimes the lighting is all wrong and I look yellow…or green…or just totally washed out. Other times I look in the mirror and see the world’s ugliest woman ever born, anywhere, anytime. Once in a great while, tho, I will look in the mirror and see that, hey, I’m not so bad. Never a beautiful woman, certainly never a sex idol, but just a normal woman, and really? Not all that bad looking!!

    One thing I’m learning now, tho, is that, as I age, mirrors don’t terrify me like they used to. I’m comfortable in front of a mirror now, or at least, I am most of the time. After all, I’m a great-grandmother, a senior citizen, and external beauty isn’t anywhere near as important as it used to be. Oh,my, what a comfort that is!!!

    • I’ve had those experiences, seeing, one time, a beautiful woman, another time, an ugly one. I know my appearance does not change, so it is my perception. I am open to seeing the best of myself and all people.

      • Joyce says:

        That’s a great attitude. It’s one that I’ve tried to cultivate, but as a waitress for many, many years now, I find it very difficult to see the “best of…all people.” In fact, I’m not sure that every one has a “best” in them. There are some exceptionally strange folks out there….

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