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Don’t Forget to Breathe

on June 3, 2013

It’s easy to see the best in our children (and ourselves) when things are going smoothly. But how do we deal with the bumpy days? How do we create days in which all flows (more) gently?

Throughout this blog, I write about my favorite tools for making life easier: homeopathycell salts, and Matrix Reimprinting. My intention is to help you recall your own wisdom — those things you know but that have been buried by the weight of sleepless nights, angry words, tantrums, kicks, punches, and embarrassments.

My hope is that my words will become the ladder you can lean against the wall of the dark, lonely, uncomfortable pit where you might find yourself at times.  I will lean over the side and hold a lantern to light your way. I will reach out a hand and pull you up to the freedom of the surface.

Today, I offer this simple but effective tool for reclaiming your own center: breath.

Even if this suggestion seems uninspiring and overdone, I urge you to try it for three days. Once per hour, take three full breaths.

  • Imagine that your abdomen is a cylindrical container.
  • Breathe in through your nose. For a count of three, feel the bottom of the cylinder pushing down.
  • Continue to breathe in for a count of three more as you feel the sides of the cylinder expand.
  • Continue to breathe in for a count of three more as you feel the top of the cylinder push up.
  • Reverse for the exhale:  top pushes down, sides push in, bottom pushes up.
  • Repeat so that you complete three full breaths in and out.

I downloaded an application for my cell-phone called the Mindfulness Bell. Once in each hour, a gong sounds to remind me to take three deep breaths.

I also love this song (free download) of a beautiful, gentle song that reminds us “don’t forget to breathe.”

Breathe Now, in sync with this gif


Daniel:              I can’t, Mr. Miyagi, not today.

Mr. Miyagi:     Why?

Daniel:              Because my whole life is goin’ out of focus, that’s why.

Mr. Miyagi: When you feel life out of focus…always return to basic of life.

Daniel:              What, praying?

Mr. Miyagi:     Breathing. No breathe, no life.

Oy. Come try it. Out of mouth. Breathe in through nose. Breathe out of mouth. Breathe in. Breathe out. Oy. Now how feel?

Daniel:              I feel better.

Mr. Miyagi:     Good. Come back to work.

from Karate Kid 2

When you have a few extra minutes, consider lying down and following a short guided meditation.


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