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One Day, Two Homeopathy Stories

Soon after I prepared my Homeopathy for Summer post, I was provided with two opportunities to follow my own advice.

Bumped Heads, Swollen Tongue

One beautiful summer day, I got to spend time with two friends and their families. As our visit was coming to an end, two little girls bumped heads. One girl cried for a minute, but quickly recovered from the unpleasant surprise. The other girl bit her tongue during the incident.We could see that her tongue was bleedingas she let out a few screams before settling into the comfort of her mother’s lap.

Because the tongue was already turning purple and swelling, I administered (with her mother’s permission) a high potency of arnica (1M). She was distressed and did not want us to put the remedy in her mouth. After a few minutes, she let her mother pour the pellets into her hand and nibbled them.

I share this method of administration especially for those who have heard that you can never touch homeopathic remedies because this will inactivate them. While it is standard practice to put the pellets into the cap and to tip them into the mouth, it is important to be gentle and loving in administering care. We do not want to traumatize a child (or adult) further by forcing them to put pellets in their mouth in a way that is not comfortable for them.

After about ten minutes in her mother’s embrace, the tongue appeared to be back to its original size. The girl got up and resumed playing. The teeth marks were still evident. We put a few pellets of calendula 30c in her water bottle to assist with the wound healing.

Another important component of this healing: From the first shriek until she returned to playing, the little girl was lovingly supported by her mother as she processed the pain and shock of the incident and released it.

Chair Squashes Toe

Later, my friends left for home and I went for a walk. It was a beautiful evening. I saw six hot-air balloons sailing over the lake. My children were running around happily. The temperature was cool and pleasant.

When I returned, my daughter calmly announced, Mama, I think my toe might be broken. Camp was scheduled to begin in three days.

I soon learned that her brother, who likes to rock on his chair, had landed the chair on her foot. Fortunately, she was wearing shoes and knows how to use basic homeopathic first aid remedies. She had already taken arnica and hypericum from my first aid kit. She had left her shoe on to protect the toe.

When she removed her shoe, it was very obvious which toe was injured. The fourth toe was pink and swollen to almost double the size of its neighbors. I gave her another dose of hypericum 200c. Ten minutes later, she said her toe felt better, but she’s a good sport and the swelling looked the about same to me, so I gave her a dose of arnica 10M. Twenty minutes later, the toe had returned to its normal size. I asked her to gently bend and flex her toes. She was able to do this without pain.

Just Add Verbal First Aid

When I wrote this post, I had not yet read the magnificent book Verbal First Aid.  Please read: When our children get hurt, the words we say can initiate healing or exacerbate the trauma.

Do you need your own homeopathic remedy kit? You can purchase one from 800homeopathy or Washington Homeopathic. If those kits are too bit, consider putting together your own. Here’s what’s in mine.

Homeopathic remedies are very effective and often produce amazing results. However, they do not replace professional medical care. In matters of health and healing, be fanatical about self-responsibility. Seek medical attention immediately for all serious or potentially serious injuries.

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Super-Easy Homeopathic First Aid


My journey from shock and overwhelm (after hearing “We think she’s autistic.”) to acceptance and joy has been supported by energy-shifting tools such as homeopathy, meridian tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, and reading. This post is a a very basic introduction to homeopathy, 

Disease and disorder in the body is caused by the culmination of insults and injuries.  Today’s children tend to have bodies that are particularly sensitive.  They may experience unusually strong effects from traumas which, if left unattended, lead to disturbances and disease.  These traumas and insults include:

Common Injuries

  1. bumps and bruises
  2. burns
  3. cuts
  4. stings and bites

Emotional Stressors

  1. shock
  2. humiliation
  3. grief

Other Traumas

  1. chemical exposure
  2. vaccinations
  3. birth trauma
  4. accidents

With appropriate and prompt treatment, traumas can be healed before they imprint on the living matrix of our bodies. Thus, crystallization of the trauma in tissues and organs will not become an additional health problem to be dealt with later.

This article discusses homeopathic first aid for common injuries.

*Homeopathic remedies are effective and often produce amazing results.  However, they do not replace professional medical care.  In matters of health and healing, be fanatical about self-responsibility. Seek medical attention immediately for all serious or potentially serious injuries.

How to Make It All Better When Your Child is Hurting

Homeopathy is a system of medicine used throughout the world.  (Here’s a new link to a slightly more technical, but still easy to understand, Primer on Homeopathy.)  Very dilute substances are used to treat disease symptoms in accordance with homeopathic principles.  Homeopathic remedies are manufactured in accordance with FDA regulation and are safe and effective.

Homeopathic first aid produces amazing, often instantaneous results.  (See examples from my family’s experiences at the end of this post.)  By administering homeopathic first aid remedies when needed, parents can offer rapid relief to injured children and minimize or eliminate long-term effects of trauma.

Remedies come in the form of small lactose pellets.  They taste sweet and most children are happy to take them.

Homeopathic remedies are

  • ultra-safe
  • ultra-effective
  • used by millions of smart mothers throughout Europe, India, the United States, and the world

Here’s a picture of my tiny, take-everywhere homeopathy kit. All the remedies I carry fit on a business card.

Using Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

Getting Started Guide

Where do I buy homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathic remedies may be purchased at most health food stores or through websites such as 1-800homeopathy.  At the website, enter the remedy name in the search box and select the 200c potency.  Note:  200c potency remedies are excellent in first aid situations.  They are not suitable for frequent use.

What is the number after the remedy name?

The number after the remedy name is the potency.  The higher the number, the more dilute and potent the remedy.

How do I use homeopathic remedies?

Open the remedy vial.  Shake 3-4 pellets into the cap from the vial.  Tip the pellets into the mouth without touching the cap to the mouth.  Allow the pellets to dissolve in the mouth.  Giving the remedy very soon after the injury or onset of illness leads to rapid healing.

Improvement of symptoms should be evident within 10 minutes.  If no results, repeat the remedy.  If the remedy helps for a while then the pain or condition returns, give another dose of the remedy.  If there is no relief after three doses, try a different remedy if it is indicated.  If the injury is serious and not responding to remedies, seek medical attention.

Which remedies should I buy?

The remedies below are those that I almost always have with me.  I carry them in a small pouch in my purse or pocket and have had many occasions to use them.  A few success stories follow the list.

Remedy Indication
  • Shock
  • First signs of illness or flu (for this purpose, a 200c potency is needed)
  • Head Injuries (Head injuries are a very serious condition.  Seek medical help immediately. If your child suffers a blow to the head, even if he or she feels fine immediately afterward, stay alert for signs of discomfort and consider being evaluated by a physician if they feel anything out of the ordinary.  Even a mild headache that comes on after experiencing blunt force to the head should be evaluated by a doctor.)
  • Cuts and Scrapes
  • Bumps and Bruises
  • Bites and Stings, including bees and jellyfish
Arsenicum Album
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea from Food Poisoning
  • Sunburn
  • Sunstroke (This is a very serious condition.  Give remedies on the way to the emergency room.)
  • Injuries to Fingers, Toes and Nerve-Ending Rich Areas
  • Puncture Wounds

Real Stories:  Homeopathy Saves the Day

  1. My daughter, then 2, was jumping on the bed.  I was right there watching her and we were having great fun when she somehow slipped from the bed and hit her head on the edge of a dresser.  Immediately, a swelling the size of an egg appeared at the back of her head.  She was screaming.  I was terrified.  I was certain that I would need to go to the emergency room.  I was very new to homeopathy when this happened but I did suddenly remember arnica for bumps and bruises.  I gave her a dose of arnica.  She started to calm down and the swelling began to shrink before my eyes.  I did not entirely believe my eyes so I kept feeling the bump which did seem to be getting smaller.  15 minutes later, I gave her another dose of arnica.  By this time, she was fine and wanted to keep playing.  I was still panicking.  I called my homeopath and told him what had happened and what I was doing.  He calmly listed the signs of concussion and instructed me to watch for those and to proceed to ER if these should appear.  He told me to keep giving arnica every 30 minutes for two more doses then every hour for 2 doses and to call him if I had more concerns.  Within an hour of giving the first dose of arnica, the swelling was almost gone.  When I really felt for it, I could detect it, but my daughter was acting normally and seemed entirely unaffected by the incident or its dramatic aftermath.
  2. We were on family vacation and walking on the beach in the evening.  My husband injured his toe.  He was in great pain and said it had bent all the way back.  I pulled out my pocket homeopathy kit and gave him a dose of arnica.  Five minutes later, he was still sitting down and holding his very sore foot.  He thought that the toe was broken and that we should go to an urgent care facility.  The arnica wasn’t helping!  We were in a strange city with two small children.  By this time, I’d seen a number of arnica miracles and could not believe that he didn’t get instant relief.  Then I remembered that the remedy for injured fingers and toes is hypericum.  I gave him one dose and within a few minutes he was flexing his toes.  I gave him another dose five minutes later.  At this point, the toes felt only slightly sore and we resumed our walk.
  3. My children were playing outside on a beautiful summer day.  Suddenly, my son started screaming and grasping his eye.  No one seemed to know what had happened and we couldn’t tell what he was saying between screams.  I gave him a dose of aconite for shock.  He calmed down slightly but continued to scream.  Now, we could tell what he was saying:  “Bee bited my eye.”  I quickly gave him a dose of apis, the remedy for bites and stings.  He stopped screaming and moved his hand.  I could see the rosy red swelling around his eye (another sign that apis is needed).  The redness and swelling started to diminish and he went back to playing.  Another day saved.
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